Wednesday, May 16, 2012

9th Annual Klinks Williams Lake Resort Fishing Derby....

If you have kiddos, and are anywhere near Spokane/Cheney/Eastern Washington this Sunday, I have the event for you.

The 9th annual Klinks Williams Lake Resort Charity Fishing Derby is this Sunday, and I present to you the top 12 reasons why you should be there

1.  Its for charity, and a good one.  Shriners Hospital for Children.

2.  It's only ten bucks

3.  Williams Lake is loaded to the gills with fish. You have to literally be standing on your head with your eyes closed to not catch fish

4.  The Klink family stocks the lake themselves with triploid rainbows up to ten pounds.

5.  Watching a kid win the derby with a Snoopy fishing rod is pretty damn awesome.

6.  Help us add to the almost $30,000 we've been able to donate to the local Shriners Hospital for Children

7.  I have a massive pile of schwag to give away in the raffle

8.  Golden Hills Brewery is pouring for the cause.'

9.  Bi-Mart has loaded us up with a massive pile of gift cards for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place finishers in adult and kiddo divisions.

10. Because I said so.....

11.  If you havent at eaten at the restaurant at Klinks Resort, you're missing out

12.  See reason #1 and repeat it to yourself about 185 times.

But seriously, it's a killer event.  We start at 6am and and single biggest fish must be weighed in by 1pm. 

See you ALL this Sunday, if not....I know where you live.


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