Sunday, May 20, 2012

If You Catch The Biggest Carp of Your Life....

You have to get pretty damn creative with a rod in one hand and the camera in the other. 

The first foray into Carpanistan stared back at me with pretty crappy conditions.   The lake had turned over and the water was as murky as I have ever seen it.   Couple that with a consistent wind, I didnt have high hopes at all.

I poked around a blind casted and was busted by a couple of cruising pods of fish.   Dejected, I was making my way back to the truck when I spotted a massive shape I wasnt sure if it was a fish or a rock. 

Oh what the hell, quick cast...strip and Kaaaaaaaa Boooom....

I was attached to a rocketship.

I knew it was big.  Turns out it was really big.  Although I am consistently a good liar like very fisherman should, but this toad was somewhere between 25-30 pounds.  

Say what you want.  Carp are the shit.  Sight casting to a fish that's bigger than most dogs is pretty cool by my standards.

Let the 2012 Carp season begin!