Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Painting and Wine for Spokane River Redbands

Now this is a good math equation

Wine +Painting + Raffle = A big win for Spokane River Redband Trout

One of the biggest issues with the Spokane River and it's trout is that it's a fishery that many who use it dont know the basic rules.  Some of that has to do with language and cultural barriers, and this is what this fundraiser is all about. 

The funds raised will go to additional signage on the river that will be listed in multiple languages so that awareness and information is there about the native fish of our rivershed. 

Space is very limited (45 people who can participate) hit up the web link to learn more, sign up and participate in a heck of a unique event that is doing a big favor to the Spokane River.

Oh yeah, the raffle's looking pretty sweet too.  As in guided trips and some other sweet schwag.

Sign up HERE

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A big thanks goes to the EWU Communication Studies Capstone Class and Tipsy Muse

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