Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Dominant Waist Pack on the Block--The Sage Typhoon Gear Review

As if you needed one more reason to ditch the fishing vest that weighs you down like a stack of TPS reports, well here's the ulitmate.

The Sage Typhoon Large Waste Pack is just left of amazing.  As a gear reviewer, I cant say everything is always roses but I really cant find too many things wrong with this piece.

Here are 11 reasons to add this highly technical piece of gear to your fishing arsenal, or at least give it consideration when your buddies make fun of you while you continue to wear that sweet vest you still rock.

1.  Its HU-MUN-GUS.  As in massive.  As in I think you can pack a small human in this thing.

2.  While it's big, it's extremely scale-able.   Put 3 full boxes and all your extras in and your good to go.  On the flip side, the underside cinches allow you retract its size and make it a lot smaller

3.  The construction is rock solid.  Beefy zippers.  A bazillion pockets.   Magnetic closure on the front pocket to allow you quick access to your tippet spools when that big brown gives you the finger at your 5x and you feel it necessary to go smaller.  Riiiiiight....

4.  Fully submersible.   When I fall in, it means I stand a chance my gear wont get trashed by water coming on in.

5.  It fricking looks cool.  Hell, I'm vain.  I know I am a gear whore.  Sue me.

6.  If you want to wear it over your shoulder, that option is there.  Dont be offended when someone calls it a manpurse.   Tell them their vest is a sweet 80's retro option and you respect hipsters, even on the river

7.  Padding makes it comfy.  See all that high tech padding.  It's yummy on ya hips.

8.  The underside cinches allow for you to throw a jacket in their for safe keeping

9.  I bet the durability factor is damn good.   Even for my clumsy arse.   It looks like it's made out of Kevlar.   Maybe not Kevlar, but close

10.  Sage is a Washington based company.  As a Spokane kid, I am partial to that factor.

11.  Beer, oh wait....water bottle pockets.  H20 pockets on both sides of your hip.  Or beer.  Or a flask.  Whatevah.

The only negative thing....I have to include something I would change if I was the designer, is maybe the color.  It's purely and aesthetic thing, but everything in fly fishing doesnt have to be brown or tan.
With that being said, this hip pack is awesome.  Give it a spin when you're next in the market for something like this.

Get more info HERE at the Sage Fly Fishing Web Site.


  1. The only thing wrong with the typhoon waist pack IS! The magnets are far to weak!!!!I own the large and the small.To be honest I would have never bought them, If I knew the magnet were so useless.The packs don't stay close unless it hanging on a hook in the shop.It could be awesome if it had super magnets.I think you should recall them and fix the problem.For the price they should stay closed,Just sayin!

  2. I own one of these and I had the same problem with the magnets not staying connected on the flap. Also, when the pack is full of stuff the magnets barely connect.