Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Of Origins and Tackle Boxes...

All fly fishing nut bags start here.

Your first tackle box.

Nobody starts with a fly rod.  It's something we ease into as coordination, strength and patience intersect at just the right time.  Might be 8, might be 14, or 30.  Who knows.

Top of the box is lined with an absolute mess of random fishing gear.

Pullout level one...sinkers, hooks and swivels.

Pullout level two.....gobs and gobs of walleye jigs.  They taste amazing dont they?

Pullout level three...the amalgamation of who knows what crossed with something that melted into the tackle box in the summer heat.

So on and so forth.

Back in your mom and dads garage, sits that tackle box.  Go and revisit it and it's my bet your remember why fishing is so damn fun. 


  1. Thanks for the intriguing idea...

    I went and pulled my gear box out. Nasty. The smell of bait is a special one, that's for sure. I feel dirty and think of all the trout that I've bonked over the years. Thankfully they were all hatchery fish, and the memories of the trips with my Dad and Grandfather seem to make it all worth it.

    One year back solid on the fly for me (after dabbling in the craft for a few years back in my teens) and I can't see myself going back.

    Good post Mills.