Sunday, June 24, 2012

I Knew When I Became My Father When....

It wasn't when I knew fishing was the foundation of a good life.

It wasn't when I married a woman that I've found to be a lot like my mother.

It wasn't when I went into a very similar career field.

Nor was it when I had a son of my own.


It was when I realized that a whiskey-water is a hell of a drink.

No more Coke needed, just some H20 and a fine Canadian Blend.

That's all.

I am my father.


  1. If that drink has anything to do with OMR fishing skills, you should probably start drinking them every morning for breakfast so that you can start catching up!

  2. Cheers to that. I knew I was my father when I seemed to always have a flask of good bourbon in my fishing back/pack/vest. . .A bit of Knob Creek or even Russel's Reserve . . . of course always enjoyed over a few rocks later in the evening.