Thursday, December 6, 2012

Promont Outdoors--Scavenger Hunt Time!!

There's something to say about a start-up that gets me all jacked up to help them out.

Innovation doesn't always come from fortune 500 companies.  Innovation and great work comes from passion, and that's what Weston Paul , owner of Promont Outdoors  is all about.

Their apparel and products aren't groundbreaking and of new technology, but driven by a guy and a family who have a vision of where they wants to go with it in the future.  Start small and build it up and when they're recommended to me by my boys at Detonation Studios, I know they're a story worth telling here on my space on the interwebz

Here's their ditty on what they're all about:

We officially launched Promont Outdoors in January 2012 with the hope of bringing some unique gear and lifestyle wear to the outdoor industries that we love – fly fishing, hunting, skiing … the list is long. 

With the birth of our first child, we found ourselves rethinking what is really important in life. 

Yes – Montana provides us with more outdoor activities than we have time for, but life isn’t just about the thrill of adventure – it is about people and relationships and striving to make a difference. 

This venture has been in the making for quite some time and we are dedicated to providing you with quality gear and clothing that we know you will enjoy and benefit from.

I think I need that hoodie

To help you get to know Promont, we've got a little scavenger hunt for you to go on with some great prizes at the end.  Here you go:

Questions 1-3, you can find your answers on the Promont Outdoors web site

1.  What state is the Promont Fly Patch patterned after?

2.  When was the company founded?

3.  What's the phrase on their Hoodie?

From their FACEPAGE

1.  What instrument is the company founder's son playing?

2.  What other activity is Promont active in?

3. What did the Promont crew use to harvest their christmas tree?

This contest ends Friday December 15th, send your entry to the contest to
JMILLS81 at hotmail dot com  (sorry spam bots!)

Winners drawn via random number generator to keep it all fair and stuff.....

Here are the prizes

1st--Check Yo Self Hoodie

2nd--Flexfit Hat

3rd--Promont Fly Patch

So get on it....send in your entry and GOOD LUCK!!

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