Friday, January 11, 2013


When you catch a wild steelhead, you only have a fleeting moment to take it all in.

It's hard to remember the exactness of the fish, the form, the weight and the moment.  From hookup to battle to quick pick to release, it's a moment of blur that disappears in an instant.

That's why I've spent a good time looking at this picture.

Ryan got trucked by this fish.  Absolutely blown up in 38 degree water where summer runs are not supposed to do what this fish does.  I spent 10 minutes on the bank throwing stupid tips and dos & donts to him as I knew that this was a special fish.

He's worked hard at learning.  He's put in time.  It was time for Ryan to be rewarded, and this spectacular hen obliged.

After I tailed the fish, we both sat there for a split second with our mouth's agape.  Perfect fins, perfect adipose, perfect shape and massive size.  I can pontificate about this fish for a long time but take my word, it was just plain perfect.

This picture was in a series of quick shots before the release.  It captures exactly the feeling when at least in this humble anglers opinion, full adoration and admiration is expressed.

As Ryan let her go to do her duty,  we did the awkward man-hug-chest-bump thing and soaked up every last second of that exchange

It's no wonder why we do what we do.  At least in our minds.


  1. Nice story, fly fishing are images.

    Congratulations, good fish.

  2. the moment of the release is always bittersweet, but a fish like that makes you want to hold on just a little longer.

  3. Sweet fish! Nearly every steelhead landed is worthy of the man-hug.