Thursday, January 24, 2013

Well Played F3T, Well Played...

The Fly Fishing Film Tour is back again.  Hells Yes.

Nothing cures the shack nasty season like a good amount of quality fish porn, and on February 5th in Spokane, the Bing Crosby Theatre will fill with a bunch of like minded fishy folks looking for the mental escape that 2 good hours of quality fish cinematography can bring.

I will always remember the first year when the tour came to town.  We had never seen anything like it, ever.    Warren Miller crossed with steelhead.  Check please.

They always say it's never as good as your first time and in this case, that will always be true.  Inevitably, there's going to be some decline in the offerings and the subsequent years we all seemed to feel that was the case.

This year, the filmmakers have gotten back on the horse and submitted some amazing work.

When the media kit arrived at my house earlier this week for this year's edition of the tour, the only thing that rolled through my head was....

Well played gentlmen, well played.

All the ingredients necessary for a great night of previewing the films, and great coffee to make the ringing of Dale's Pale Ale go away in your head.  Damn that beer's good

Hit 'em Again Doc! Trailer from Silver Creek Outfitters on Vimeo.

Hit Em Again Doc is the sequel to the heartwarming film that Brian Huskey put out last year chronicling the touching bond that guide and client have on Silver Creek in Idaho.  I loved this.

 RA Beattie's tale of their journey to a remote chain of islands in the gulf of mexico is as exotic as it gets.

There's some amazing work in this year's tour and I cant encourage you enough to go partake in the tour when it hits your town.

Check out when the boys hit your town this year by clicking HERE 

If you're in Spokane on February 5th, come say howdy at our table promoting our Wild Steelhead Coalition's fundraiser on February 19th.  We'll have stickers for you...


  1. I've been thinking of making a run up from Walla Walla to watch the show. Just might have to do it..

  2. Try coming up with something original. You stole your "well played, gentleman" from Moldy Chum. Weak.

  3. You even copied their photo of the press kit! Unbelievable!