Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Picking At The Bones...

Another box store falls.

And I felt like I was picking at the bones of a dear friend.

I now have more leader 3 packs then I'll need in 2 years of trout fishing

20 different sizes and shapes of bead heads and a gazillion other odds and ends

15 different styles of ostrich plumes that are so damn sexy for steelhead, I had to break them out tonight on the bench.

And still, I feel a weird mixture of getting a good deal and seeing a lot of good people now without a job.

I wandered about the store saying hello to the people I know in different departments and having that weird conversation where you try to give them some kind words and rays of hope.  My bet is they're about up to it with that exact exchange.  Alrighty, yep...we're done.  I'll be ok.  Dont worry, there's opportunities out there

Give me break, it's a shit sandwich for a lot of really good people.

I've worked with these people in my day job for over 9 years and through 2 buyouts and multiple corporate restructurings.  Through the worst economic downturn in our lives, to store site changes and a lot more.

I've sat with them at conservation banquets like the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation and the Mule Deer Foundation and watch them give from their hearts and the companies pocketbook as well

They were my first really big account.  They trusted in me and gave me a lot.

The powers that be sealed their fates with pen strokes and bottom lines in mind


Life will continue.  Jobs will be found and another retailer will take their place

My fly tying bench is now well stocked and I cant decide how to feel about it.

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