Friday, March 22, 2013

Solitude On A Metro Steelhead River...

Just so you know, it doesn't exist.

I suppose I had my own mismanaged expectations on fishing a Oregon metro river on a Saturday on the nicest day of the year so far, but holy hell was it busy.  I cant fault folks for coming out and enjoying the resource.  Matter of fact, most were very nice and willing to share a run or two.  We had 4 guys ourselves and you're nuts if you think you're going to get a run to yourselves on a day like we had.

Did I mention 12 boats went through this run while we were fishing it?

To the jughead out there I had an altercation with, you're a swell feller.  Effectively cutting off 3 other guys in behind you working their way down the run by jumping into the gut of the run was a classy move.

Then your smoothness was showcased even more when I politely asked you to join us by following us down the you know...classic stream etiquette, you erupted like a nutbag telling us that

"hey, this is the #$%% River man, get used to it"

Ahh, the joy and reverence of fishing on a Saturday around a couple million people. Give or take a few.


  1. It sure is fun to fish around other people. We have a sandbass run that brings everyone out of Dallas to this little creek. God forbid you hook a fish because within seconds you will literally have several people feet from you on both sides of you. Makes fly fishing very difficult. Then everyone asks, can I have that fish? Seriously? WTF?

    I don't fish on weekends.

  2. I floated the nestucca once on the weekend in peak winter steelhead season. Never again.

    There was literally 2 or 3 boats in every run.