Monday, March 18, 2013

Sage Quest Soft Shell Hoody Review...

Im going to get this out of the way quickly in this review.

This jacket gets a grade A stamp of approval from this humble blogger.

Want a few reasons to like it, how about 9 of them.  9 out of the probably 50 reasons why.

1.  Keeps your core warm--The insulation around the body fits you like a vest and keeps you rolling through the cold day.  At the same time it doesn't bulk up around the arms and keeps good freedom of movement.

2.  Outside of the River Approval--Even wore this piece to the office, and got compliments on it.  Duel threat baby!

3.  Pockets upon Pockets--6 with lots of room, including a pocket on your left bicep that I am not quite sure what it's for, but it's there.

4.  Wind Cutter--There's nothing worse than a top layer that doesnt stop the wind.  No worries here

5.  Rain blocker--We spent a day on the river this February that started with a light drizzle.  By the end of the day, it was a constant driving rain.  While not my normal rain jacket, this jacket kept me almost 100% dry (almost) but the amount of water it took and the amount that got through kept the day very comfortable

6.  Solid Hood--Syncs up well with the dome and the brim on the hat helps to push the rain away.

7.  Quick Drying--I fall in a lot.  A lot.  My arm usually gets drenched.  Give the sleeves a bit and they dry out quickly.  That's big in my clumsy book

8.  The Double Bubba Fits--For you Double Bubba's out there, you know...XXL, dont worry, lots of arm length and torso length to fit you as it did for me

9.  It's Fishy--Sage embeds fish karma in all it's garments.  You already knew that, didnt you?

Truthfully, this piece is my go to jacket from the river to town.  In the market for a jacket?  Check this one out.

Get more info about the Sage Quest Soft Shell Hoody by clicking HERE

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  1. I bought one a year ago and dig it considerably. Some might see the oversized hood as a negative, but I rather appreciate the sizable hood because it fits over my Spey Helmet.