Friday, January 31, 2014

33 Degrees And Dotting The Sky

All week, the temps on the big river dropped a degree a day.


From a snappy 38 to a frigid 33.


You've heard it all before.  Dont bother swinging for steelhead when the temps drop in the range between frozen toes and tingling hands.  Well that's all fine and true, especially when you dont go.

Well here's a little tip........

Keep fishing.   Good things happen

OMR hooked this gigantic late season hen with water hovering above freezing.  I came around the corner of the run he was in to investigate his cries of "fish on" just in time to see the fish dot the sky with a 2 foot jump.

Even at 33 degrees, they'll still hunt the fly down and take you for a ride.

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