Monday, July 6, 2015

10 Easy Steps To A Fish Fry...

Step 1.  Put the fly rod away.  It's OK, you wont break out in hives

Step 2.  Locate worms, big narsty nightcrawlers.  Yes, I said worms

Step 3.  Grab spinning reel (breath now, it's ok), attach weights, swivel, corkie and hook.  Affix worm to hook.  Now chuck that mess as far as you can into your lake of choice

Step 4.  Plop your butt in a plastic chair, grab yourself a domestic macrobrew of your choice, play with kids, or maybe go swimming and just wait.

Step 5.  Make a huge deal for kids to come up and reel the perch in.  Take pictures of kids smiling and laughing over their catch.

Step 6.  Repeat steps 2, 3, 4, 5 until you have a big ol mess of perch.  (Within limit of course!)
Yes, you keep them. They're delicious

Step 7.  Filet, Filet, Filet.

Step 8.  Crack 2 eggs and mix in a bowl, pour out a plate breading.  May I suggest panko...

Step 9.  Grab those kids who caught the fish and show them why you kept the fish, involve them in the cooking process, they'll love it..... a lot

Step 10.  Eat.  Repeat, repeat, repeat.  Annnnnd repeat.

Yes, a little tongue and check humor ladies and gents but it's for a reason.  Fishing doesnt have to be about the biggest and best new gear, the most aggressive and extreme fish or the most far off locations.  Sometimes it's at the family lake cabin on the 4th of July and every fish the kids reel up is an impression for their older years.  It's about creating connections with family and showing the kids that fish sticks arent just something you get from a grocery store.

And most of all.....Perch are so damn delicious.

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