Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Celebration of Wild Steelhead Ver 2.0

This year, it's going to be bigger.  Much Bigger.

September 13th and 14th at McCoy Park in Portland its on.    Soul River continues to bring more and more to our sport, especially when it comes to introducing more new faces to the crowd.

More info about the event

Once again, Soul River is delivering another fly fishing extravaganza to the city. Bring the Soul we'll bring the river to you. The Celebration of Wild Steelhead! Spreading knowledge of Mother Nature and the art of fly fishing to your community. Armed with the goal of introducing youth and veterans to the positive experience of fly fishing along with the funk and soul of Speaker Minds this will be an event that can't be missed.

This event will not only celebrate the iconic wild steelhead of the Pacific Northwest, but also build upon strong community ties and raise awareness of conservation, fly fishing, and local arts in an all ages, accessible, friendly atmosphere. Like always, this event is FREE and along with our sponsors, we will be giving out 200 free fly rod packages to the first 200 youth in attendance. Everyone is welcome to enjoy the atmosphere, enjoy the experience, and embrace the Celebration of Wild Steelhead!

Come learn.  Come cast.  Come tell lies like fishermen do. 

Come learn about conservation.  Most of all, come have fun.

Learn more about the event HERE.

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