Wednesday, July 20, 2016

6116-4 Redington Chromer Review

Small water, tight casting, big angry fish

Just the spot to take the Redington Chromer 6116-4 Switch for a spin.

My April trip to Prince of Wales in Southeast Alaska required a change of pace from what I am usually doing, which are more the big Western rivers with wide open casting.  Back in 2015, I tested the 8136 on the Clearwater and Snake and that rod matches my normal scene to a T.

POW is not that, at all.

Typically, I'm not a fan of switch rods, as they usually leave me feeling a lot to be desired on both sides of single hand and spey casting.

This rod pleasantly surprised me.  Paired with a 375 RIO Skagit Max, it turned over big sink tips and big bugs in tight perimeters to buckets that required quick and accurate casts.

The break in period that I normally experience with a new spey set up was slightly longer than usual because I am not used to spey casting with shorter rods.   That being said, when I found the sweet spot, all went according to plan

The light and crisp feel of the rod really feels like it would also excel in throwing a dryline (especially dries!) on more intimate steelhead rivers in the like the Methow and the Grande Ronde.

Regardless, the rod delivers performance well beyond it's $399 price point.

Find it at your local fly shop and take it for a spin.

Swing away!

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