Sunday, July 24, 2016

Searching for Needles in a Gigantic Haystack

Dam counts have finally registered enough fish to make the question "is it too early" to "maybe" to "why not"

Truth be told, I had found a these rare needles in the haystack twice.  A steelhead in July, almost 400 miles inland on the tip of the impending run is a rare encounter that you can never depend on.  They are rockets that specialize in showing you your backing, quickly.

The earliness of my first trip gave me the river to myself which gives you two emotions  Elation because you are by yourself on one of the most famous steelhead rivers in the west, self doubt because why are you wasting your time being there so early.

That battle raged most of the day as I made cast after cast into a river that was in perfect early season shape.  I am sure that the flies passed over a few fish, but nothing special enough happened to incite the grab.

That time is coming, quickly.  If it could hurry up, that would be most appreciated.

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