Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Why Are You Tagging #KEEPEMWET ?

A quick search on Instagram and there's over 65,000 images with the KEEPEMWET hashtag

The overwhelming majority get it.   The point of Keep Em Wet is to encourage the angling public with better fish handling practices, lessening our overall impact on the resources if a release is in the cards

The three main principles of the initiative are well represented in most of the pictures, but there are a substantial amount that seem to be using for a popularity contest

Some fish are meant to be kept and consumed.   A quick hero shot out of the water isnt always out of the question.  But why are they using the tag beyond the attempt at gaining more likes or followers?

Weak Sauce. 

Way out of the water.  Up on the bank.  On the rocks.  Dead fish.  Fingers in gills

Completely counter to the reason #keepemwet exists.

So what to do?  Dont turn it into a shame show.  Educate, be kind.    For the very reason you see these pictures are edited to remove faces and names because that's not the point

The point comes back to what the tag is all about.  Have a great time, treat the quarry with respect and when you can, #keepemwet.


  1. Just clueless. Riding the popular hashtag without understanding what it really means. Pretty sad, really. Thanks for calling them out.

  2. I've noticed the same thing. I feel bad for posting #KeepEmWet when I take the fish all the way out of the water, unless you can see water dripping off the fish.

    Great post.

  3. Well the first one is also #yellowperch... #knowyourfish.

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