Friday, January 6, 2017

Conservationist of the Year...

To initiate change in the world of steelhead conservation is no easy task.  It takes resolve and sticking to your guns through the many ups and downs that come when trying to do what's best for the the fish and the environment

In 2001, Rich Simms and a small group of like minded anglers founded the Wild Steelhead Coalition with the goal of reversing the trend of what was happening state and coast wide to wild steelhead stocks.  For 15 years, he's kept his head down working to do what's right with little fanfare of accolades.

Well that's anonymity is gone now,  as Rich has been named the 2017 Fly Fisherman Magazine's Conservationist of the Year.  You can see the full article in January's edition of the print magazine.

I couldn't be more prouder of a man I consider a mentor in the world of conservation.  His steadfast dedication is the model of how you fight the good fight, take in the small victories as you push to real wins like finally getting Washington State to ban the retention of wild steelhead.
The challenges and opposition are always there, but Rich is there to meet them all head on with his customary smile.

Here here Mr Simms, congrats.

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