Monday, January 30, 2017

Fishing History...

Certain rivers ooze history.

The development of our sport from a steelhead fishing perspective really hit a major stride here.

Book upon book, article upon article and speeches galore have detailed this history

The fish are big and brawling, racing up the river to fulfill their mission.

Many signs point to this river is moving into a solid stage of recovery and I take solace that we've removed many of the reasons of decline and the fish are responding.

I didnt tough a fish on the trip....but I didnt care

What I received goes well beyond that.

I got to connect with history, new and old friends as well

I observed a legend in our sport hold court on his bar in front of his house, and tell stories of the river, fish biology and the river's ongoing recovery.  I got to give him a fly or two.  He lit up like a Christmas tree and said he'd fish it for sure

We listened to that man and fished the spot he told us to.   It was like they were on a string upon his command.

Our group is tight knit but very accepting and giving.  Over beers and whiskey some amazing tales were told and our belly's ached with laughter for hours.

I got to take it all in.  It was mental and sensory overload

I cant wait to go back

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