Friday, January 20, 2017

The Film Tour is Back!!!

2017 F3T Stoke Reel from The Fly Fishing Film Tour on Vimeo.

It's back baby!

The 11th annual Fly Fishing Film Tour is about to descend upon us with it's massive criss crossing of the nation caravan of fly fishing goodness.

Thank god.

This year's lineup of films looks great, with unique offerings that give a woman's perspective as well as the crazy travels of the Motiv Fly Fishing crew as they explore the unexplored in the South Pacific

Other interesting films include a piece on the good and bad of Kamchatka, another piece on the legendary Sandflea and many others that will get the blood pumping in the middle of winter.

Spokane is graced with it's presence on January 31st at the Bing Crosby Theatre.  

A little pro tip for you.....dont expect to show up and buy a ticket on the day of show.   This event typically sells out so go get your ticket at your local fly shop or online at the link above

I think what I love most about F3T is the community aspect that it brings.  How often do you get 300+ fish crazed people in one location excited as hell, all talking it up, exchanging stories and having fun.

The answer....once a year, when the film tour rolls into town

See you there!

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