Friday, December 29, 2017

Book with Confluence Guide Service

Want to fish with a steelhead guide that's not about the numbers, but about the experience?

Then Mark Shamburg and Confluence Guide Service is your guy.

For years Mark has produced some of the finest bench made classic click pawl reels and bamboo spey rods available, and now he's going full force into guiding the waters around the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State.

Booking with Mark will give you the chance to swing flies well to the best that wild steelhead have to offer.   He's a teacher at heart, a technician at the art of steelhead and you'll absolutely love your day spent in his boat as you float down world class steelhead water

The wild steelhead of the Olympic Peninsula are our last best stocks in the lower 48, but at the same time are in peril from a death of a thousand cuts.   Mark will show you how to really enjoy your day while giving you a picture of the issues in fish conservation we're fighting for.

 If you want to catch 10 fish in a day, this isn't the trip for you.

My guess is through your experience with Mark, you'll be jumping at the chance to help in the world of anadromous fish conservation.

There isnt a feeling in the world when a fish coming in on the tide the day before tears off downriver with your fly in it's mouth.   So if you're looking for a guide to show you the way, contact Mark today.  There are but few dates still available for the 2018 winter season, get on it!

I'll dangle this little offer out there as well.  First person to book with Mark for this season after reading this will get a 6 pack of my steelhead bugs to go with your trip.

Maybe something like this will have a big ol buck chase it down for you.

In any event, give Mark a shot.

Get all your information today at Confluence Guide Service. web site.

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