Monday, December 18, 2017

Skylines Podcast from Bryan Huskey...

Some of my best memories in hunting and fishing revolve around stories.

The shots missed, the bucks taken, the fish lost and landed and everything that wrapped around them.  Part of the mythology and draw to these sports can be found around a campfire listening to the recounting of special events when wandering around the wild lands of the west.

Better than any book, these stories are told over and over again passing along the oral history and traditions that make up one hell of a life.

With that, Bryan Huskey of Fishbite Media and originator of the KEEPEMWET campaign has launched a new podcast that's going to make you feel like you were right there in the thick of it, putting a stock on a mule deer or shaken with frustration in trailing a wounded elk

The 2017 Rut Report is flat out amazing and details the lows and eventual highs of this year's archery elk season and I really loved "A Win For Dad" as it feels so similar to my experiences hunting with my father.

I highly suggest you check out the Skylines Podcast series and become part of the stories that Bryan so artfully tells