Friday, December 14, 2018

The X Is In The Wrong Spot...

I could hear the wingbeats and honks clear as day.  The birds were coming in, hot.

In the waterfowl world, finding the X is a big deal.  Find that spot and you know you're going to have a wild couple hours in the blind.

Hunt land or water outside of where the birds want to go?  Well you're in for some long hours of staring at your dog or cracking jokes with your hunting partners because you know birds have other flight plans.

I had stumbled on the X.   There were hundreds of Canadian Honkers right in front of me. It looked like the field itself was moving.

Alas, this was the wrong spot to find the X. 

It was on the way walking into a college football game.  In the middle of town

The unhuntable fowl honked and cackled back at me.

What it really sounded like was laughing....

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