Thursday, December 20, 2018

What A Campsite...

Looking for a great spot to camp, there's a wide open campsite ready to go for you. 

Beautiful riverside location, easy river access on public land.  Good fishing spots both above and below.  Large shade trees, waterfowl, wild trout, deer, and easy downtown Spokane access...


It's hard to summarize the feeling of finding a abandoned homeless camp along my river.  There's dozens of them.  Piles of garbage.  Empty food containers.  Clothes, tents, shoes, human waste, needles and other drug paraphernalia

I feel sad for the people that have to resort to this.

I feel shame for our community and our river.

I feel RAGE at the way humans treat our wild places.

We drag tons and tons of garbage out of the river and it's corridor each year in river cleanups and still it keeps coming at us like the plague.

What's the answer, I dont know. 

We'll drag the shit out of there.  Put a bow around it and feel great that we took care of our area.

Then there's nothing preventing it from happening again. 

And it does...

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