Monday, March 19, 2012

From Vice To Canvas....

You know what's cool?  When an artist takes what comes off your fly tying vice and turns it into art.

Recently, a local Spokane artist Christina Deubel took one of my traditional steelhead flies and made it part of her exhibit for her April 6th First Friday art showing at the Grande Ronde Cellars in Spokane.

Christina is taking flies from a select few local and national tiers and featuring them in her gallery showing.  A fisherwoman at heart, she was recently struck  by how many of the flies that come off a fly tier's vice are really works of art. 

You dont have to convince me of that.  I am guessing you feel the same.

This bass popper comes courtest of Christina and Wayne Jordan of the Tying Vice

So on April 6th at 6pm, if you're anywhere near Spokane, we will see you at The Grande Ronde Cellars to see the full lineup of Christina's work

Also a portion of the proceeds is going to fund a program to take disadvantaged youth's fly fishing. 
Read more HERE at Christina's Blog

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