Tuesday, March 6, 2012

So You Want To Drop Spey Lasers Huh?

Then I suggest you sign up to participate in the Silver Bow Fly Shop's annual Tom Larimer Spey Weekend. 

I began my journey with 2 handed rods in 2009 with the beginner class at this event.  Put it to you this way, it advanced my casting to the point where I felt I could go out and do a bit of damage without looking like a total idiot. 

There's two ways to get better with spey casting

1.  Time on the water

2.  Great instruction

I'd say that great quality instruction is where you can take drastic leaps ahead. 

Tom Larimer is one of the top spey instructors on the West Coast.  He's on staff for several line and rod companies and operates his guide service out of Hood River, OR. 

Learn more about this spey jedi via his guide service web site, Larimer Outfitters

The weekend begins with a steelhead seminar, followed by a beginner and advanced class.   Space is limited in the seminar as well as the classes, so get ahold of Sean and crew and book your spot.

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