Monday, March 12, 2012

To Disconnect....

I dont believe I've ever needed this type of trip than right now.

Works crazy.  Moved.  Living like a nomad till the new house is ready.  Crazy 16 month old son. 

Havent fished for the better half of two months.

From the outside, those words above sound a bit, um, whiny....I know it. 

But for me, fishing is my mental reset button.  It allows me to fully enjoy all aspects of life.

Right now the best mental therapy will be a raincoat pulled over my head over layers and layers of fleece and a spey rod in my hand where all I am focused on is the slowing down the speed of the swing as the fly approaches the bucket.

Emails, poopy diapers, home loan paperwork, sales goals, copywriting, co-workers, bosses, living out of a suitcase......

That shit can wait, I'm awaiting my connection to a swimming rocketship.


  1. Whine away, my friend; we get it. I wished for the same reset button tonight during my drive through the rain-turn-to-snow drive to Seattle. Hell, I'd settle for the layers of fleece just knowing my waders were wet.

    I hope you're enjoying the new boat and some well-deserved time on the water.

  2. Fished the Salmon River last week hoping for a touch of the Steel. Connected but did not land one. But that knot in my shoulders has loosened and the voice in my head is quieter and I may be returning to something resembling normal. At least for a while. Good luck connecting.

  3. time on the water or in the woods always helps drain the day to day stress. I wish I could get my doctor to write me a prescription and note so I could work less. Go recharge and enjoy.