Saturday, July 12, 2014

A Day With Sharp Cheddar On The Colorado...

God bless the smallness of our fishing world.

Through the social media channels that we all visit, it's brought our fly fishing community together into a tighter web.  Case in point, my recent float down the Colorado river with Joey Macomber of Lateral Line Media and The Colorado Fly Fishing Blog

I was in the midst of my best Clark W Grizzwold impersonation in Steamboat Springs for a family vacation, but arranged a float thanks to Joey's generosity.   He and I had worked on several conservation projects over the years but never had met in person to this day on the river,  but our world is so interconnected it was if we had been buddies for years.

Joey's creative anchor system caused the first laughs of the day...and by no means, the last.

Fishing was tough.  Really hot, really high sun and zero clouds tends to put the fish down from a dry fly perspective.  We did work and scratched a few out on nymphs and my fishing partner that day, John worked hard to get his first brown trout on the fly.

Here's a guy who took a day away from his work and family and jumped at the chance to run a few dudes down the river he's never met in person.  It speaks volumes to the quality of person that Joey is. He worked with John all day long at improving his casting, mending and overall fishing ability and finally it paid off on this beautiful brown.

The highlight of the day was a blasting canyon stretch throwing streamers tight to the bank.  It was a rocket ride through some serious rapids but the browns slashed at the moving meat numerous times including some really savage eats that I will see in my mind continually.  How some didn't hook up is beyond me

All in all it was a great day on the river and a big thanks to Sharp Cheddar for his river knowledge, rowing and hospitality.  I guarantee it wont be the last time we fish together.


  1. I think I need to paint my anchor with the same print as your Honduran Cat shirt. Glad we were able to connect for the day. Looking forward to fishing with you again. Hopefully on your turf.

  2. Hey another buff angler! LOL - I have used a 35 pound dumbbell on my drift boat for about 5 years... ever since I lost my triangle anchor and couldn't stomach spending $70 bucks on another on.... they work great!