Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Ma Lady's On The Sticks....

On our first date almost a decade ago, I asked the question

"So, do you like to fish?"

"Oh yeah, I used to fish all the time with my dad"

Check that off the list, this girls awesome

It's almost become a running joke in our near 8 year marriage, she's never gone on the river with me.   But really, who could blame her.  I live on the lunatic fringe of fly fishing, reveling in getting up at 4am to fish in cold water all day.

Non the less, I was determined.  Just get on the boat, and you'll have a great time.

Finally yesterday she hopped in the raft for our first rafting/fishing adventure

About a half mile into the raft she says...."I want to row"

Now to put it plainly, the Spokane River is not one to begin your rowing career.  But alas, there's no way to get experience than putting your hands on the oars and getting after it

It wasn't perfect, but she's a quick learner.  The art of reading a river's hydrology takes time to get a handle on but with good instruction from the river's new Riverkeeper, Jerry White....she's off and running in her river rowing career

I'm a happy man.    Here's to more great adventures with my lovely wife from here on out.

Now to get her to double haul.

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  1. Great evening. You two make a great team. Thanks for putting me on the River!