Thursday, July 3, 2014

Get The Cork Out of Your Mouth...A PSA

Check this out.  This is a fish, in a picture.....

This is a fly rod.  At least a part of it

Oooh ohh, check it out.  A fish and a fly rod in the same picture

Wait....what?  An angler, a fish annnnnnnnnnnnd a fly rod

Notice that theres NO pictures of a fish, an angler and his or her fly rod in his or her mouth.

Guys and gals, here's a quick public service announcement regarding fly rods and their role in and or around pictures


At no time is that acceptable.  Looks awful.  As in dumb.  As in when in the hell did people think that's a good look.  As in, please for the love of gawd, stop.

There, I feel better now.  Rant over

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