Monday, July 14, 2014

From Fluff To Fly...

Clearly, my mind is on steelhead.  Sitting down at the vice, I realized the almost comical transformation some flies have from their initial stages to the final one that hits the water and hunts for fish.

Stacking deer hair upon deer hair, along with some other items like rubber legs and in this case, mallard flank ends up looking like a fluff pile with a few accents of color.  Not very fishy right?

The real work comes in with the scissors and imagination.  This is my variation of Scott Howell's Ska-Opper and I am sure there's a more precise and correct way to tie it, but it's what my mind has come up with on the vice

Non the less, the fly works and as dam counts are beginning to pop on the Columbia, get on the vice and get ready because we're on the cusp of the best time of the fishing year

1 comment:

  1. I caught two nice fish on the Ska-opper this past week!