Wednesday, August 12, 2015

KEEPEMWET Goes Live...

Photo Credit-Brian Bennett

The official KeepEmWet site is now live.

The movement for better fish handling practices has been gaining momentum over the past couple of years.   The science proves that the more care we put in towards lessening air exposure,  the better the fish will fair after they are caught.

Truthfully, fishing is a blood sport and after it all stacks up, there will be some that dont live to fight another day.  But....if you intend to release a fish, why not do what you can to give it a fighting chance.  Pun intended.

Check out the 3 Guiding Principals as well as their overall Ethos.....hell why not check out the whole site.

Its not about not taking pictures.  It's not about casting stones on those who's pictures you dont agree with.  It's about a proactive approach to furthering ones conservation of the resource.

#keepemwet !!

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