Saturday, August 22, 2015

What Constitutes A New Fly...

What constitutes a new fly?

When I sit down at the tying bench, I often times just let it come to me.  This little pattern of which I'll call the "Roadrunner" was an amalgamation of many different flies I have seen and fished with.

But really, is it new?

The real answer, the honest answer is that it's probably not.  There's only so many ways a person can affix fur and feather to a hook and call it new.  Everything is a variation of a variation of a variation.   Open an Umpqua, MFC or  any other fly company catalog that comes along and what is new is just a change up of something from the past.

But dont get discouraged.

If everyone did tie the same things and nothing changed, it gets real boring, really fast.    The variations that the talented tiers come up with are works of art that catch fish.   I am always excited to stretch my abilities and try to come up with something "new"

In this case, the "Roadrunner" is a little skater for steel that brought in elements of a Ska-Opper, a Muddler and a different hook that most arent using in this application.   The first time on the water and this little guy jams across the water, chugs when i want it to and I am sure will draw a savage strike in the near future.

Again, is it new?

We'll let the fish decide.

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