Monday, December 19, 2016


The mall parking lots will be jammed packed this week in anticipation of the big day.  Stress levels are as raised as they get as folks clammer around to find and give the best gifts they possibly can for their loved ones

Here's an idea.

Maybe stay out of the mall and contact a few of the artisan craftsmen or women you follow on social media.

Give a gift with soul, that might come alive on a river and connect them with something that breathes life into the person who's using it.

Maybe find a gift from a company that gives back to your favorite conservation organizations,..or a print from an artist who's work is stamped with the soul of British Columbia....

How about a hat or a shirt from a guy who's taking care of disadvantaged youths and returning war veterans?

Or a guy that makes ridiculous fish art, 

Or give a book that can awaken the soul of river stewards around the world

Want to go big and really make an impression?

What about a bench made classic reel, or perhaps the gift of experience with a guided trip...?

Perhaps a subscription to one of the best magazines out there that captures the essence of steelhead and atlantic salmon craziness?

Even better, donate in the name of someone to a cause worth fighting for.

You see, there's so many options out there that keeps you out of the stores that end in Mart or rhymes with  Bacy's.  I bet there's even time and shipping options to make it happen before December 25th.

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