Friday, December 9, 2016

Snow Day....

Another day up in the canyons, another day to ply the waters in winter.

Typically, the valley floor stays snow free.  The ridge tops get the brunt of winter, but the drop in elevation brings a 5-7 degree temperature difference that cancels out the brunt of winter's wrath

Absent of wind, the snow lightly fell on us all day creating a silent escape on mid week day where work's responsibilities were put on the back burner.

The massive wild hen that took me on a sprint down the river's edge was everything we could hope for.  The grab to break the monotony and light up my nerves.  A big jump to show her size,  the powerful runs and unwillingness to give up decrying her wild origin.   She gave me the middle fin as she popped the leader with a head shake at my feat and escaped quickly back into the flow.

OMR's mouth was agape as I felt the tinge of disappointment.   I reconciled it with a celebratory shot of whiskey with my old man and the realization that I don't really need another hero shot.  It was a caught fish and my ego would survive.

The dogs jumped around and bounded into the fresh powder all day long.  The world was quite and we had the river to ourselves.

Just like grade school kids, we all need a snow day now and again.

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