Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Paying Your Gear Forward...

The box arrived at my door in 2009 and I couldn't believe what it contained

A gentlemen that I had spoken to via a fly fishing forum found out that I was headed to Belize in a couple weeks but didn't have a suitable 10 wt set up for the bigger quarry that I would be encountering.

So without me asking, he paid his gear forward.

Inside that box was a top shelf set up that I could have never afforded at that time in my life.  It was one of the first big lessons in how giving our community is and what role karma can have on a trip.

Over the years other boxes have shown up at my doorstep with fly fishing gear to accompany me on trips abroad, without much of a stipulation or question of when I'd return it.  10 and 12 weight rods, gigantic large arbored reels to put the brakes on thuggish fish, flies tied with the utmost precision, pre tied leaders to corral the biggest of oversized gigantic herring, so on and so forth.

Finally it's my turn to return the favor.  A buddy called and said he's going to Talum, Mexico and asked if there were fishing opportunities there.

Yes my friend, yes.   Lots and lots of Bonefish

My bonefish box and associative big flies for big fish aren't getting used any time soon.   The 10 wt is currently collecting dust in the closet.  I have warranties on the reels.

Time to pay my gear forward

I'm getting excited for him with his trip approaching, almost like a part of me is going with him on that trip.  It's fun to be on the other side of the karmic equation and cant wait to see him grinning ear to ear with his first bonefish to hand.

If you get the chance to put your gear in someone else's hand.  Give it a shot.  It may bring you great luck when your time comes to chase exotic fish in some beautiful exotic place.


  1. The biggest givers I have ever met, is the flyfisherman.

    Such an awesome group..

    Speaking of giving.... I have BOXES full of tying stuff in dad's garage. It got bequeathed to me.
    If you know of any groups interested, just hollar brother.