Monday, March 8, 2010

Free Korkers and flies from April Vokey, for me?... God bless the interwebs

So I open up the ol' facey page tonight and what is the message I get from Korkers Footwear?

"JOSH MILLS !!! You have won our Korkers HardKor contest. Call us here at Korkers at 1-800-524-8899 or email me at We will be starting another contest with our new HardKor Fan being introduced this week- Keep posted!"


The Predator Wading boot, part one of my interwebs swag

Part two, the lovely Ms April Vokey of, and who rocks these boots on the water,  has also donated a steelhead fly or two from her vice to the contest winnings.  Thank you April!

Korkers make in my humble opinion the best wading boots on the planet.  I actually have a pair right now, but as hard as I am on gear....I will gladly accept.  All I did was become a fan of Korkers on Facebook, which you can do as well here

The boa system on these boots are an absolute joy.  Click, snap snap, your in. small pull, you're out.  Easy as that

So thank you Korkers, keep kicking you know what!

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