Monday, March 22, 2010

Nothing like coming home with a gift on your doorstep

Show up home after a long days work, and there's a gift sitting at my door.

Open up the box, and it's free swag, courtesy of Korkers and herself

One free pair of killer "Predator" wading boots by Korkers, size gigantor (I gots big feet), followed by one hell of steelhead swinging bug by April Vokey, prostaff of Korkers.

I sure hope to be able to tie as beautifully as Ms Vokey soon.  I am scared to fish this fly because I loose them like it's my job.  I might have to anyways, it's got to be full of good BC karma

Thank you again Korkers for that great gift.  Become a friend of them on FB, and who might win too.

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