Monday, March 29, 2010

Going Costal...

What a trip.  Repeat.  What a trip

It doesnt take you long to fall in love with the the OP.  Forks is one of those places where you know you're in the right place when you go to breakfast and there's more trucks pulling rafts and drift boats than other cars in the parking lot.  

I almost cringe knowing that before this trip, my steelhead experience was limited to the Clearwater, the Snake, Grande Ronde, Wenatchee and Methow.  Going on this 4 day excursion with OMR was like going through to the next level of steelhead addiction.  A whole new world of new rivers and winter steel.  I get it now...

The beauty of this area is undeniable.  The times I was able to pull my eyes off my drifts and swings, the scenery flat out awesome.  Rivers like the Hoh that find it's own way, different each year.  The bolder gardens and over hanging trees like the one above on the Sol Duc. 

And oh my lord, the fish

OMR had a wild ride with this estimated 15 lb buck

A little coast steel love for me

The best fight of OMR's fishing life

Yes...we were in a rain forest

 I have a couple more stories to tell about this trip.  Including the monster that got away.  More to come tomorrow.

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