Monday, March 1, 2010

Ok...I'm really done now....for reals

I'm done. Yesterday marked the end of fishing for quite possibly the greatest run of Summer Steelhead up the Columbia System that we might ever see

This run provided so much. So much learning, so many firsts. First on the spey, first year of steelhead camp, first steelhead for a few of my friends and of course so many great days with OMR. I hate to even say this, but this season there were Zero skunks. That alone should tell you what kind of year this was.

From the first fish of the year on the Ronde

To the last, it was one hell of a run

Soon, I will take my first trip to fish for the mythical winter runs of the OP. What I left with now is the realization that at my core, there isn't another fish I would rather chase forever. And ever. And EVER.

Apologies to all those around me, but I a slave to the Steelhead.

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  1. It is hard to beat good fun with friends, family and steelhead. We just need to make sure we have them for the future.