Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Down on the Banks of the Spokane

Hey Lady, I found yer bra.

The Spokane River always surprises you.  It's banks are littered with the remnants of the metropolis it flows through and always, always I am ready to go around a bend or to the next run and find a body

Two years ago a friend on a guide trip he was running found a body taco'd around a log.  The only logical thing we could say wasnt about finding the body, it was when we were going back to throw flesh flies after they recovered the body

Joking, just joking.

That aside, the stuff you find is unreal.  Years back I found a stack of death certificates.  Another fisherman found an antique pistol in the water near downtown.  Maybe that's the one that will solve the  timber barron mystery of decades past.  That shit's evidence mang!

You can always find the lone shoe

They never come in pairs.  Flip flops are the most prevalent but if your lucky, a basketball shoe.

Beer can after beer can.  Blankets swept high in the trees by the spring floods.  Tampon applicators, 40 oz malt liquor bottles, clothing, random bags of chips, hair spray bottles, golf name it, construction name it, it's there

But the amazing thing, the trout dont care.   They still eat, jump and live a wild life amongst the trash of city

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  1. boom! look what you've got? It's a trout fish. :p Columbia river fishing charters.

    The government should be aware on the garbage that has been on this site.This place should be protected because lots of fishes lives in here.