Monday, July 22, 2013

Selfish Time...

There's extra special sweetness in selfish time.

Fatherhood learns you up quick, and with two boys, my time has been squeezed down to where it should be.  Not much. 

I'm happy with that, I'm good with it.  It's what I asked for and dearly love the sound of "daddy".  Isn't weird how quiet life was before children fill your life?

But the burning desire to get out still stays stoked.  That's why an alarm goes off around 430am and I tiptoe through the house and pray to god nobody wakes up.  I do a little happy dance when my clumsiness is momentarily curtailed and the door shuts and no crying is heard.  That crying is a trip ender.

The selfish hours of pre sunrise mornings on the local river cleanse my mind.  2 hours is all I need to feel refreshed and ready for the real commitments of life.  

The beautiful thing here is that I usually get home before the family knows I was gone

Soon, I hope to make my selfish time "our" selfish time when the boys are old enough to join me.