Friday, July 5, 2013

Super Scientific Hydro Flask Review

This aint your parents water bottle.

Normally, I dont get excited about things like water bottles, but when I was given the opportunity to try out the 21oz edition from the Hydro Flask line, I have to admit.....I was a little geeked out it.

Hydro Flask claims that this little beauty keeps liquids cold for up to 24 hours and hot for up to 12.

And I must say, that claim is no bullshit.

Anecdotally, the flask was left in my truck on numerous locations with cold water for hours on end throughout my normal business day and at the end of it all....the water was as if I just poured it.  Sometimes, the 3 measly ice cubes I put in it to get the tap water colder were still clanging around

But to be a bit more concrete, I conducted a super scientific review last week on a day when temps were butting up near the triple digits.

2 hours outside.  Direct blazing sun.

Initial water temperature--44 degrees F.  Outside temperature--98

After first hour outside

Water temp--44 degrees.  Outside temp--97

Second hour outside

Water temp-45 degrees.  Outside temp- 96

The only reason I think that the temp went up the degree because I was fooling around with the lid off trying to get our fishing thermometer to read correctly.    Again, my testing protocols were of the highest order.

Totally scientific.  Totally peer review eligible.  Maybe not.

The conclusion is that this water bottle meets it's claims.  The double wall vacuum insulation does it's job, very well.  While I havent tried hot liquids in it (it's summer!) but I will be putting it through the test come steelhead season when hot coffee will be needed.

Another great item about the Hydro Flask company, they donate 5% of gross profits to the charity/non profit of your choosing.  The company actually started a non profit to facilitate the giving, visit them at Five Percent Back.

Lastly, these flasks will do a number on reducing the amount of crappy plastic water bottles you and I dispose of.   Ever hear of the North Pacific Garbage Patch, well feel better about yourself when you're doing your part of not contributing to it.

In conclusion, the Hydro Flask has the Millsfly stamp of approval.  It's great to get behind a company that's making great products, fulfilling on it's claims and giving back where they can.


  1. OK...I want one. Seriously. Your super-scientific protocols sold me :)

  2. Doo Dah all out with the temp guage...we all need these,, Save a ton space in the boat cooler,,,,,for stuff like Beer.

    Jeff Brazda

  3. uhhh... so be careful with the coffee.. somehow the hydro material soaks up coffee flavor like crazy so after your first soak of bean juice everything will taste like... coffee.. so make sure its good java... because your water will taste like it forever... that being said I love my dunkin donuts flavored water from my hydro.. and beer goes flat in hydros, but I still love them

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