Friday, October 8, 2010

Mouth Agape....Eastern Rises

Eastern Rises: Trailer from Mountainfilm in Telluride on Vimeo.

Sorry for the profanity, but HOLY SHIT....

A few years ago, I came across for the trailer to this film and stared at the computer screen and was amazed.

Alaska of 150 years ago stared back at me from across the screen, the great adventure, the great unknown.

and...and Russian bigfoot...

Combine this with the guys who brought us "Running Down the Man" and "Red Gold", this film without a doubt is the best fly fishing film I have ever seen.  And I have seen a lot

10 minutes ago I just finished watching this film, and I am about to go find the nearest flight to Moscow

All things that go into a good film....Great footage, amazing cinematography, fish porn the likes you've never seen.  Holy Shit..its legit.

And the music is rocking alive!

Pick up this film, watch it......over and over again and dream of the time when the stars align to when you can too go to Kamchatka and find rodent eating Bows and super Kundzha the likes that will make your heart soar

Pick up the film from the guys at Felt Soul Media and they'll donate 1% For the Planet.

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