Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Tale of Good Customer Service, VOL.2, Korkers Edition

I freaking destroy gear.  Yes, I said it.  I destroy gear

Just try being 6'8 270 and clumsy as hell and you get a mix that doesn't go well with normal fishing and hunting paraphernalia

So it's great to share my current experience with another company that gets it...

Based out of Portland, OR...Korkers seems to be on the leading edge of new footwear for the rest of the fly fishing family.  I picked up a pair of their guide models with the boa system about a year and a half ago and loved the hell out of them.  That boa system is freaking money.  No more dealing with busted laces, click, snap and're ready to fish.

With some crazy stroke of luck, about 8 months ago I won a pair of "Predator" model boots through their Hardkor Fans contest on their facey space page, and stored them away for the day I needed them.  Turns out I lost sole out the "Guide" model boots and I busted out the Predators.

(if you look closely, I have the those boots on...they attract steelhead on the dryline)

Well, back to my abuse of gear.  I wore the predators for about 3 trips and low and behold, the felt started to de-laminate  from the rest of the boot.  Not good, not good at all. 

A quick call to Sam at Korkers and everything was handled.  All I paid was the return shipping back to Portland and a grand total of 5 business days later, guess what landed on my doorstep, free of charge.

A brand new in the box pair of these bad boys, size HUGE.  I fully expected a repaired pair and would have been completely happy with that. 

After battling with a couple of different companies in the industry over their lack of honoring their warranty, Korkers comes through shining brightly as a company who gets it. 

So thank you Korkers.....much, much, much appreciated.

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  1. Korkers is on their third generation of interchangeable soles (in less than five years), and unfortunately I bought in on the second. Not only did the toe boxes shrink (making them 1/2 size smaller), the soles would come loose as well - they were handed down to a smaller foot. Good idea to stick with their non-changeable soles.