Wednesday, October 13, 2010

One Year Ago....

Exactly one year ago, this fish was the clincher for me.

First swung steelhead on a spey rod.

I'd like to personally thank this specific fish for sealing my fate as a steelhead nut.  Once hooked, I wanted to land this hen more than any other fish in my life.  It transferred the hook right into my mouth

3 new spey rods, multiple lines, hours and hours on the vice and thousands of casts later, it's been a great year learning my way through the swinging game.

What a great year it's been

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  1. Nice work! Sounds like we have had a similiar year, my first steelhead on the swing was in February. I hooked some kings on the swing this fall and can't wait for the chrome to show up. Keep on swinging!