Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Staring at a bare hook....

The openness.  The possibilities.  Where to go from here?

So I stare into the stack of what my wife calls "Feathers and Frills" and dream up a concoction.    A concoction so amazing that steelhead will leap onto it with reckless abandon.  Or so I think..

A person who is unfamiliar with tying swinging bugs for steelhead might wonder why I have enough pink feathers and marabou of multiple colors to outfit a Mardi Gras float.

Fly tiers and steelheaders just call it normal

The bare hook is soon transformed into pattern of dubbing, dyed mallard flank, black marabou and soon, hot pink guinea.  Who doesnt like hot pink guinea, yeesh.   Nobody is the correct answer. 

This bug will shake in the current like a hula dancer.  She's purdy bug eh?

Add the stinger hook and she's done.  Hopefully she'll find her rightful home in a fish's mouth soon


  1. tis, purdy man, you make some cool steelhead flies man!!

  2. very nice. Shake it little hula and lure in a bigg'n

  3. Now that's how you do it. Well done!

    Found your site on OBN. Very nice. Hitting the "follow" button right now.

    the Average Joe Fisherman