Tuesday, December 28, 2010

And the Year Continues, May and June

Our would be winter released itself and transitioned into Spring that looked more like winter than spring.  Nesting conditions for our upland birds sucked the big one and it wasnt till mid June that it felt like we might actually have a summer.

But the fishing continued to be good


Rivers in full runoff...so what, time to go find the closest thing we have to bonefish.  I have grown to love these ugly bastards

And apparently carp sex isnt the kind where sweet nothings are uttered...

Next, or annual trip to Chopaka Lake

You know what sucks, 3 days of catching fish after fish on dries.  Oh, and they jump a lot.


Finally, our rivers are shaping up to go towards the middle of the month, and it affords us the ability to saddle up the drift boat and throw these to willing cutthroat

Notice the teeth marks on this one? 

These guys might or might not have caused it.

And lastly, is there anything better than this....

For Murph dog to fall asleep like this, you know it was a good day on the river

Tomorrow....the white unicorn of July and a tall dudes wedding in August

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