Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Gear Review--Badlands Super Day Pack

Recently,  Badlands Packs and the Outdoor Blogger Network gave me the opportunity to review the Badlands "Superday" Pack. 

I have one word to describe this killer piece of outdoor gear....


Right now, with family needs keeping me closer to home than in the field, this review demonstrates how impressive this pack is even sitting in my computer room.  Two of my buddies who are archers flat out drooled at this thing, their jealously wasn't to be denied

The people who designed this pack must really spend a ton of time outdoors.  They seem to have addressed just about ever shortcoming that backpacks have had that I've dealt with.

I've broken this pack down into the 6 most impressive areas  to me.

1. Comfort
There's nothing worse than a pack that is uncomfortable.  Mismanaged loads in a crappy backpack makes a days hunting pretty miserable.  I loaded up this pack and strapped it on and it fit me like a glove.

The padding on the back and the lumbar straps displace weight well and I am sure you can put a pretty big pack load into this guy and go for a long time.  There are so many adjustable straps that it should fit anyone well

2. Fabric
Ever been in the woods and caught your pack on a branch and it makes a ton of noise that is completely unnatural?  Well, dont worry about that here.  I dont know the technical term of it but this fabric is quiet.  Helps you get your stalk on!

3.  Compartments
How many do you want?  This pack, according to it's packaging, has "one zillion" and I dont think they're lying.  Multiple sizes and many are expandable to fit your needs.

4.  Straps
Again, they're everywhere.  There's a sidearm holser, straps to hold a rifle or a bow and if your successful, I think you could put a quarter of a deer somewhere on this thing.  The accompanying clips look pretty rugged too

5.  Zippers
A big pet peeve of are bad zippers.  I've thrown more than one pack away because broken zippers or ones that consistently dont work right.  The zippers here are big, they dont hide and work great.  Hopefully they hold up over time

6.  Sweet Extras
Look at the upper right strap....a spot for a camelback/water system.  Now I can bring water and dont have to worry about the bottle making the slooshing noise as I walk.  Bonus

There's a lot more to this pack and I will post a report on it as soon as I get the chance to use it in the woods.  Turkey season's going to be a lot more comfortable this year

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  1. I love my badland pack0! They really hold up well and have lots of great features. I'm glad you received one to review.

  2. Great Job Josh! We all appreciate your review...and of course, it'll be on my to-get list!
    Unless Santa listened to me this year...

  3. I bought this same pack about 4 years ago, and my only complaint is that even for it's relatively small size it holds a ton of stuff, so I have a tendency to carry way more than a need. Even then, it's insanely comfortably when hiking steep draws and canyons on multiple day hunts.